Gourmet dining straight out of Africa’s pantry

By February 15, 2017In The News

(From www.gotothevictoriafalls.com)

Let the steady flow of the Zambezi River transport you upstream of the Victoria Falls to an earthy oasis. The bush breathes around you, steadying your heart rate and instilling a sense of wholeness and calm within you. The Elephant Café veers off the beaten track not only in location but with its unique blend of wild eatables, foraged from magnanimous natural resources. The elephant are gentle giants and their peaceful demeanour washes over their guests, as diners taste buds are taken on an African adventure.

Chef Annabel Hughes combines indigenous ingredients to create exotic flavours. She commissions community members to delve into the bush and bring her mongongo nuts, marulas, wild sourplums, baobab and muchingachinga fruit. These delicacies are popular with both elephants and humans, simultaneously enriching palates and the local economy.

The seasons change, the scenery transforms and the menu evolves with it. Summer, winter, autumn and spring bring with them a unique bounty of ingredients, so the treats on the menu mirror the treasures hidden in the surrounding landscape. Feast your eyes on a few of the crazy culinary concoctions that make Elephant Café such an exciting dining experience.

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