The Food

The Elephant Café offers African fusion food, created with wild and locally-sourced ingredients, inspired by European, Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines. The menu changes according to the seasonal ingredients that are available at any given time. We pride ourselves on offering unprocessed, preservative-free food that is produced in Zambia.

We support our local Livingstone growers, as well as the river communities who help to forage for our wild ingredients. Our food is distinctive not only for its flavor and freshness, but also for its colourful originality. Seldom will visitors have heard of, or tasted, the wild food found in the Zambezi Valley. The “bush gourmet cuisine”, as described by Annabel Hughes, the chef and food blogger (SavannaBel) who develops the recipes, is unique only to The Elephant Café. Many of the wild nuts, fruits and leaves she uses are also much loved by elephants.